10 best Christmas dog toys 2019

The 10 Best Christmas Dog Toys of 2019

Looking for the perfect toy to give your dog this Christmas? We’ll you’ve come to the right place.

With the holidays approaching its time to start shopping for Christmas gifts for your family and friends. Your furry loved are no exception and certainly enjoy a new dog toy.

Finding a gift for your dog isn’t too difficult and doesn’t need to be expensive however finding dog toys that are durable and will last can certainly be. Get your dog a gift they won’t be able to keep their paws off of and be able to cherish for a while.

In this article we will outline 10 perfect dog toys for your 2019 Christmas that will surely have your dog wagging their tails in anticipation to play with their new gift. With the help of Paws and Claws, we’ll save you from reading pet reviews and studying products and make the search for your dogs gift an easy process.

Our list of 10 best Christmas dog toys will include a variety of high quality pet products which appeal to most dogs however some may be geared towards dogs of specific sizes.

1. Nylabone DuraChew Ring Giant

If you’re looking for a durable chew toy for your dog then look no further. Your dog will love chewing the Nylabone DuraChew Ring Giant while cleaning their teeth and controling plaque buildup. This toy is ideal for all dogs including small puppies, active adults and gentle seniors. This pet toy will keep your dog from chewing unwanted objects in the house such as shoes and furniture, keep them entertained from excessive barking and provide dental care.

  • Long lasting chew toy made with durable nylon built for aggressive chewers
  • Chew toy satisfies the natural urge to chew
  • Entertaining textured dog chew toy keeps dogs busy
  • Chew toy for large dogs up to 50 pounds
  • Flavored dog chew contains delicious original flavor dogs love

2. KONG Ballistic Football Large

Kong is a leader in creating durable and fun dog toys which is why you’ll find that many of our recommendations fall under their brand. This dog toy includes a multi-layered design with 8 rows of stitching for durability. Your dog will love playing with this chew toy while it gives them dental care for their teeth and gums. When it gets dirty just throw it in the wash to bring it back to new. The Kong Ballistic Football is ideal for larger breeds.

  • Designed with 3 layers of material for durability.
  • Squeakers inside that are housed in individual pouches.
  • Perfect for games of fetch and tug.
  • Machine washable.
  • Comes only in Large.

3. CHUCK IT! Breathe Right Ball 2-Pack and Launcher

Your dog will love burning energy chasing Chuckit! balls. If your dog loves to play fetch, this dog toy is a must have and will make the perfect gift this Christmas. With its design your dog will breathe easier and be able to play fetch longer. The Chuck It! Breathe Right Ball is ideal for all dogs and ages. It will make playing time enjoyable for both you and your best friend. Along with Chuck It! Balls you’ll also want the Chuck it! Ball launcher so that you don’t need to touch slobbery balls.

  • Run farther, fetch longer!
  • High performance ball designed to facilitate breathing and airflow into dogs’ lungs while running & fetching.
  • Works with all Chuckit! Launchers.
  • Available in three sizes.

4. CHUCK IT! Flyers Flying Squirrel

Your dog will love chasing the Chuck It! Flying Squirrel. It can be thrown like a Frisbee with its aerodynamic design. Since it floats, this dog toy can be thrown into a pool or lake to get your dog into the water for extra fun. With glow in the dark paws, this toy can also be used in the dark. Dogs love squirrels and now they can chase a flying one.

  • Spinning, aerodynamic design.
  • Features bright orange paws that glow in the dark.
  • Soars high and floats in water.
  • Soft, curved sides allow pets and pet parents to conveniently pick up the toy.
  • Durable canvas toy is built to withstand tossing and catching for hours of entertainment.

5. Tugger Knots Moose

Dogs love plush toys and a good game of tug-of-war. The Kong Tugger Knots Moose is an interactive toy that is durable and has a realistic feel your dog will enjoy. For added fun it includes a built-in squeaker.

  • Internal rope for natural chewing needs.
  • Two rope handles for easy-grip tugging.
  • Minimal stuffing for minimal mess.
  • Long, floppy toy satisfies natural instinct to shake.

6. JW Pet Robo Bone Treat Dispenser

Your dog will go nuts chasing this dog popular dog treat toy. The JW Pet Robo Bone has a randomized motion control which will keep your dog guessing its direction. Its built in sensors will keep it from stopping or getting stuck. Ideal for dogs up to 50 pounds. Fill the wheels with treats so your dog can get a reward from catching it.

  • Motorized interactive toy.
  • Runs on 4 AAA batteries.
  • Works on indoor surfaces with special controls from getting stuck.
  • Randomized motion controls to keep your pup guessing.
  • Goes to sleep after 3 minutes and can be reawakened with a nudge.
  • Durable and non-toxic design safe for pets.

7. Nylabone Puppy Boomerang Bacon & Cheese Regular

Nylabone is well known for their brand of pet supplies and this dog toy is one that you’ll want to give your pup. Bacon with Cheese Puppy Boomerang Chew Toy keeps your busy from chewing on things they shouldn’t with good chewing habits. Whether you have a puppy or full grown adult, this dog toy suits all almost all ages. Its soft nylon texture is safe for your dog to chew on but not meant to be consumed. Your dog will enjoy its bacon and cheese flavour while providing additional dental care.

  • Helps relieve teething pain and sore gums.
  • Encourages proper chewing habits.
  • Delicious bacon and cheese flavours.
  • For gentle chewers up to 11 KG.

8. KONG Puzzlement Hiderz Squirrel

SQUIRREL! Another popular dog toy by KONG that dogs will love. This plush toy is mentally stimulating keeping your pup challenged. The Hiderz Squirrel toy provides multiple levels of difficulty that keeps your dog entertained and occupied at the same time. It includes a squeak for added engagement.

  • Mentally challenging puzzle toy.
  • Ideal for interactive games of tug and toss.
  • Includes playful squeaker for added fun.

9. Kong Classic

This classic dog toy from Kong will satisfy your dogs instinctual needs. The Kong Classic is made from an ultra-durable rubber. Extend their playing time by stuffing it with their favorite treat and they won’t want to be without it.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Stuff it with their favorite snacks such as kibble.
  • Recommended by veterinarians, trainers and dog enthusiasts.
  • For larger dogs you will want the Kong Extreme.

10. JW Treat Tower

Another fantastic dog toy your pet will love! The JW Treat Tower is a dog treat toy that doubles as a play toy and treat dispenser. It comes in two sizes and suitable for dogs. Designed with a tough nylon frame for rugged play and creatively styled openings for treats. Put a treat in the top and randomly come out the bottom. It allows you to adjust the difficulty setting as your dog learns to get treats.

  • Great puzzle treat toy that keeps dogs entertained.
  • Made with durable nylon frame.
  • Treat Tower wobbles and out comes treats.
  • Treats are easy to insert and difficulty level can be adjusted as your dog learns how it works.
  • Helps curb destructive behaviour.
  • Comes in 2 sizes.
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